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Syndicate Smasher

Release Date: March 2017

Year    :   2017
By    :   GenerAsian Pictures
Genre    :   Action
Budget    :   $1.000.000,00
Story    :   A group of mercenaries hired as contract killers are hunted down by the Mafia, the Yakuza, the Russian Mob, and the Tongs all at once.
Directors    :   Benny Tjandra, Doug Tochioka
Writer    :   Doug Tochioka
Stars    :   Mel Novak, Laurene Landon, David Prak, Jon Miguel, Olya Lvova


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The Director

Innovative, Indonesian born Producer/Director, Benny Tjandra is in high demand in Hollywood, and with international fans! Tjandra has created his own genre of Action films; with a combination of Mixed Martial Arts, Gun sequences, and Tjandra’s unique brand of stylized Action.

Tjandra paid his dues as a Producer/Director over the last two decades; first, as an actor, stuntman, and then as a Director/Producer. He founded New GenerAsian Films, and dazzled distributors with,”Blonde Squad”, an Action/Comedy. Critics are calling “Blonde Squad” a home run for Tjandra’s directorial debut which includes a “Stylized Artistic” approach to Action.

Tjandra’s new Indy Action film, “Syndicate Smasher”, starring Mel Novak, and Laurene Landon has audiences anticipating what Tjandra has conjured up.

Tjandra was inspired by filmmakers like Bruce Lee, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Roger Corman, Ridley Scott, and Christopher Nolan.

Tjandra’s talent illuminates the screen with his current, and upcoming Action films.

Tjandra’s attracting fans and distributors with his out of the box style of filmmaking.

Tjandra showcases a spectrum of stylistic and technical expertise that has Hollywood and international fans anticipating his next masterpiece.New GenerAsian Films is setting trends internationally with its impact on modern day Action in film!


Mel Novak (Milan)

Mel Novak, born Milan Mrdjenovich, has been one of the finest screen villains of his generation playing against a spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes. But before all of that he was a professional baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates as well as having a successful modeling career until fate stepped in and made him a film legend. His action film appearances span over 40 years of a multitude of genres and a who’s who of action icons, starting with Jim Kelly in Black Belt Jones, Yul Brynner and Max von Sydow in The Ultimate Warrior, Steve McQueen in Tom Horn, Chuck Norris and Christopher Lee in An Eye for An Eye, Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O’Donnell in Exit to Eden. But his iconic role was playing the assassin “stick” in Game of Death opposite Bruce Lee. Mr. Novak has been working steadily and creating new iconic characters in the action genre with leads in Samurai Cop 2, Check Point, Marilyn: The Zombie Hunter, and Toxic Tuto.

Laurene Landon (Carol Driscoll)

Statuesque, athletic and fearless, actress, screenwriter and lyricist, Laurene Landon was born in Toronto, Canada. She has starred and co-starred in over thirty two feature films, playing MOLLY, a lady wrestler starring opposite Peter Falk in ALL THE MARBLES, I, THE JURY, starring opposite Armand Assante, AIRPLANE2, YELLOW HAIR AND THE FORTRESS OF GOLD as Yellow Hair, AMERICA 3000 as the lead, Vena, HUNDRA, playing HUNDRA – a female Conan, where she did all her own death defying stunts except one . In Bette Davis’ last movie, THE WICKED STEPMOTHER, she received critical acclaim for the hilarious game show hostess VANILLA. She also starred opposite Bruce Campbell in the MANIAC COP series as TERESA MALLORY and the sadly deceased Robert Z’dar, and received rave reviews for her small but notable part in the Zoe Cassettes feature DAY OUT OF DAYS. Most recently she has co-starred in SAMAURI COP2: DEADLY VENGEANCE which has sold out at almost every screening and SKY opposite Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus (WALKING DEAD).

David Prak (Dara)

Born in the city of Phnom Penh before he made his break into Hollywood, David Prak escaped the killing fields of Cambodia in
1981. After he migrated to the United States, David pursued his career in Hollywood as an actor and producer. He has been featured in a Capital One Super Bowl commercial spot and an international Tanqueray commercial. David began acting in films such as The Rundown as one of the rebels, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End as a pirate, Inherent Vice as a Buddhist Monk, Blonde Squad as Rockwell to name a few. David has also done multiple voiceovers. One of his voiceovers was for the hit film starring Owen Wilson, No Escape.

Jon Miguel (Jack Samson)

Born and raised in New York City and the tri-state area, actor, producer and stuntman, Jon Miguel has been featured in Backstage Magazine for his many accomplishments. He is known for leading roles in Extraction: Genesis, Blonde Squad, and Avengence. Aside from acting roles both on stage and on screen, he has worn many hats in film productions on the East coast from Main to New Jersey. Jon is an accomplished martial arts competitor and teacher having learned Kempo, Hwa Rang Do and Wushu as well as being a certified stunt driver and has done stunts on various films and TV shows like Sons of Anarchy.

Olya Lvova  (Dasha Fedorovich)

Olya Lvova was born and raised in a small town in eastern Russia. Olya moved to China in 2009 where she became instrumental and successful in musical theater for 2 years. In 2013, she starred in the feature film “Blonde Squad”, where she played the role of spy hero Jane Bond. In 2014, Olya also starred in the feature film “Extraction” with Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) and in the same year, she wrote, produced, and starred as lead in the short film PhoenixCatcher84.

Arthur Roberts  (Timothy Darcy)

While on the Dean’s List and on scholarship at Harvard, he found acting far more fun than studying pre-med – he thought, “if I can just get them to pay me to do this…”
So off he went to learn his craft with the Harvard Summer Players with Faye Dunaway and Jane Alexander, and then Summer Stock all over the East Coast. Roberts went on to have an extensive career in the theater and got his Equity card playing in Othello with James Earl Jones and the New York Shakespeare Festival in Central Park.
He starred in a wide range of intriguing independent films and enjoyed a run on the soap Secret Storm.
Arthur guest starred in Starsky and Hutch, Barnaby Jones, The Rockford Files and enjoyed a six-month run on General Hospital.
Playing the title role in Not of This Earth proudly got him into The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1988. This and other films, among them Revenge of the Ninja, rent worldwide and give him international recognition, as do the reruns of his many TV shows.
He was a regular on the Lorenzo Lamas series Air America in 1998 — 1999. He continues to work all over the world, shooting Hammerhead with William Forsythe and Hunter Tylo in Bulgaria in 2004.

Eiji Inoue   (Tadao Kanehara)

Accomplished actor, Eiji Inoue has appeared in many well-known films such as The Last Samurai, Click, and Pearl H
arbor and TV series such as NCIS. During Eiji’s acting career of 23 years, he has appeared in more than 60 plays. He is best known for his role as Takeshi Kawabata in the Tony Award winning production, Take Me Out, a play by Richard Greenberg. He appeared in The Box which won the ADA Award for Best Ensemble Cast and in the independent film Pearlblossom Hwy (2012) which was nominated for AFI’s Film Festival Top 10 and was an official selection for the Vienna International Film Festival, AFI Fest, Starz Denver Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Bradford International Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Elena Choo

Elena Choo is an actress turned producer. Choo started her career in the entertainment industry as a child actor on Indonesia. She started working in film and television in Singapore before moving to Los Angeles. Choo was a series regular on the musical series “After School” and has landed roles on a number of movies and including “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2”, acting opposite “The King of Queens” TV and movie star Kevin James, and Raini Rodriguez of “Austin & Ally”. Elena also made a special appearance on the new Netflix original comedy drama series “LOVE”. Choo is a UCLA alumni and a student trained in the Meisner technique of acting. She is also skilled in comedy and improv. Choo’s figures of inspiration include Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie.

Vitally Sviridov (Boris Bodrov)

Born in Riga, Latvia, Russian American actor, Vitaly Sviridov has been featured in several films including
Call Back, Curse of the Komodo, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Silent Life of Rudolf Valentino, as well as TV shows such as As Good as Dead and The OJ Simpson Story. Vitaly is also a 3 time gold medalist, 7 time silver medalist and 2 time bronze medalist in Latvian and European Karate competitions.

Alex Safi

Alex Safi just moved to L.A. this year to launch his career on the international stage, starting with Syndicate Smasher. In the music business since 1959, and after quitting acting from 1970 to 2000, he has completed over 100 films, commercials, television shows, shorts, industrials, plays, voice overs, print, etc. to set the groundwork for big movies and tv productions. Get ready world, Alex Safi has arrived.

Victor Chi

Victor Chi is a LA native working in film, TV, and theater. In a career that spans over a decade, he’s made appearances on sketch comedy shows (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) to gritty crime dramas (Michael Mann’s Blackhat). He’s performed across the country on stage, and at the Young Vic in London.

Philip Pirio  (Frank “Peanuts” Giordano)

Actor Philip Pirio has worked in a myriad of stage productions including Pygmalion, Our Town, Richard II, Sunny Side Up, and Raisin In The Sun to name a few. He has also worked in films such as Danny’s Plan, The Right Combination, and Small Talk.

Thomas J. Churchill(Andy Davidian)

Thomas J. Churchill is a multi-award winning actor, writer, producer, director, and radio host who founded Church Hill Productions. Brooklyn born, Churchill knew at an early age that he wanted to entertain the world and started making films when he was in high school. “Most people never finish a project, they usually run out of their budget midway through”… Churchill was quoted saying in one of his articles “I pushed myself…if you are going to start something, you need to finish it”.
His recent films include the very pro-American war thriller – Check Point, 2 time Award winning Retro-Film Noir Zombie epic-Lazarus: Apocalypse (Best Horror Film/Best Make Up at The New York City International Film Festival), the 8-time award festival winning horror film The Emerging Past Director’s Cut. He also produced and played The Sheriff in a small film called Mr. Hush. Thomas Churchill has most recently been seen as Roger Takahra, gangster in Samurai Cop 2.

Bo Hope

Polish-French Hollywood Talent Impresario, producer, philanthropist and actor, Bo Hope graduated Paris-Sorbonne University and is multilingual. He fought communism in East Europe and Cuba, socialism in France, moved to USA to become a Hollywood talent impresario, producer, and actor. He is the only Hollywood European type Impresario specializing in placing foreign talent into Hollywood films

Silke Kindle (News Reporter)
Silke Kindle was born in Walenstadt, Switzerland but raised in Liechtentein, a small country between Switzerland and Austria. Silke has appeared on stage in her home country.  She has appeared in a Budweiser commercial and music videos featuring Alicia Keys, Pussycat Dolls, Enrique Iglesias, Leona Lewis etc.  She has also appeared in a few parts in movies such as Transformers 3, Yes Man with Jim Carrey and Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn. She has been a backup dancer for the singers Anjeza and Lakotah.  She created her own Burlesque group called LOLITAS where she performed at venues such as the House of Blues, the Viper Room, Comedy Store, and the Laugh Factory.

Ashlee Buchanan (Rebecca)

Born in Portland, Oregon, actress, Ashlee Buchanan, began her career featured alongside Kristen Bell in the cult series Veronica Mars. This jettisoned her into other projects including several web series, short films and features. She studied theater and journalism at San Diego State University and continued her acting education at the illustrious Upright Citizens Brigade Improv school in Los Angeles. She has also worked on a Fantasy Football reality television show as a San Diego Chargers super fan and works production for MLB Network. She starred in numerous stage and dance productions throughout high school and upon her graduation in 2000 she moved to Southern California to pursue her acting dream.

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